Quality Concept In Paparazzi Photography

Have you always dreamed about being a paparazzi and chasing celebrities around? Have you ever felt excited waiting in a car for hours and snapping a few pictures of a random celebrity and their new partner? If you fell for this industry, you should know that anyone can become a paparazzi reporter.

You need two things – a good camera and some ingenuity. Whether you surprise celebrities with strangers, kids, parents or in awkward situations, you can sell celebrity photos online and make a fortune. It makes no difference if they park terribly bad, go out without makeup or just look terribly overweight. It also does not matter if you are experienced with such things or you happen to be the right person at the right time in the right place. Just follow a few simple steps and chances are you will make some cash for just a few minutes of your time.

Chances to catch celebrities down the street depend on where you live. Some people live in exclusive neighborhoods, so they are likely to spot a lot of celebrities while hanging around the area. Some others live close to the hottest and most expensive restaurants in town. Not everyone can afford going there, but mostly people with money – including celebrities too.

While creating an album for your kids or friends can be a good idea, chances are you will not make any money with it. Instead, selling these pictures to a gossip magazine or newspaper is more efficient. Turn them into cash and you will soon love the opportunity to get a regular income by just taking pictures. But what are the main requirements to sell my story to a newspaper? Are there any general rules?

What it takes to become a good occasional paparazzi reporter

There are more rules and considerations to pay attention to when trying to make money with your photos. Most importantly, you have to focus on quality. If you are not sure about the optimal quality standards, buy a few gossip magazines and read them. What kind of pictures can you see in there? Most of them are good. You are less likely to see poor quality pictures. If you need to zoom in so badly that characters are no longer distinctive, you are less likely to sell it. After all, the audience must be 100% sure that the one in the picture is an actual celebrity.

No newspaper will pay big bucks for random pictures. They want personal and close shots. You can also learn how to sell celebrity videos in case you run into an interesting happening. Some of the best selling shots include breakups, cat fights, embarrassing poses, kids and other general stuff that the audience would love. The more scandalous your masterpiece is, the better. It may look hard to catch a close picture without being noticed or even chased away, but you can do it from a car or behind a bush. Most paparazzi reporters rely on such techniques anyway.